The 5 Foundations of KB Fitness

Fitness can be quite confusing and complex. I’m going to attempt to simplify it for you.

So what does fitness really mean? What does it mean to be fit?

If you’re like most, your idea of fitness is one or twofold…..Exercise, Nutrition or Both.

However, the truth is fitness is fivefold.

What I like to call the 5 Foundations of KB Fitness. This includes:


By now you’re probably wondering, what exactly does each of these areas encompass?


Mindset includes things like your knowledge level, motivation, and discipline.

Recovery deals with things like energy, sleep, and therapies.

Nutrition focuses on beverage and food choices. For more on this check out my ebook the 5 foundations of eating clean

Movement refers to the quantity and type of activity.

Lastly, relationships with yourself and others are directly tied to fitness success and failure. That’s why it’s important to build a health support network.

Your chance of success greatly increases if you have a community who values your health, lifts you up and holds you accountable.

So you see fitness is not just one thing, instead it’s a combination of many things.

Being fit requires a balance amongst all these areas.

Learn more by reading The 4 Principles of KB Fitness.

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